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I split the straps...LOL:

Message from Mike coastal CT

You are sharp my friend.

I actually did that a while back. Very carefully, as the strap leaves emerged, I split them down the middle to make it look more like a frond - LOL. This one, is of the same batch I showed you a month or so ago that I have planted under the south side eave. Like you mentioned with the others, I intend to cover it too with mulch. The only thing I've been thinking lately, is maybe I should use the rubber mulch? I'm a bit worried that even though it's essentially protected from most overhead moisture, the dampness of the air might make the mulch rot the fronds. So I might use that rubber stuff Lowes or HD sells.

As far as the Aloifolia, yes it will be fun to see what happens. I had a long conversation with a woman at Nearly Native in GA, and she said that if it in the single numbers in winter (and is brief) it should do OK. I made a special mix of fast draining soil. So who knows, I really think I'm just going to cover it anyway if I see temps coming below 8 - 10 F or so. It will be fun to watch.

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