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Message from Jim Wilmington DE 7a

Let me preface this story by making the important disclaimer that it WAS the 1980s.

One spring, back in the 80s, I brought back from Myrtle Beach a 1-gallon Aloifolia. The plant was easily 3 or 5-gallon size, though. BEAUTIFUL. The prettiest, healthiest Aloifolia you ever saw. First winter in the ground killed it. I didn't do anything to protect it -- not even mulch. But I was a kid then (in my 20s). I figured, "They grow in Virginia Beach. Why not Lenni, PA? It's not THAT far away. It's not Florida."

The one thing I did right with the Yucca was I planted it at the top of a raised bed (even though the soil was heavy clay).

Aloifolias are not Filamentosas or Recurvifolias. Even Rostratas here are not as touchy as Aloifolias.

Having lost an Aloifolia, what I have personally found is that Recurvifolia makes a GREAT 7a substitute for Aloifolia. They are close to bulletproof, even planted out in the open, in clay. They grow relatively fast (compared to Sabals & Needles). And they are more "palmy" looking than Aloifolia.

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