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The main difference...

Message from Jeff NJ 7a

sorry guys..this was an interesting topic..I was once fascinated with the differences in zone 7s..its amazing to me that there are zone 7s in the south that support much more than we can..but like you said Mike zones aren't the only issue.

BTW I had a great time in CT..the coast is definitely a solid 7a..i saw four southern mags and one nice sized crepe in a short distance from each other..fascinating micro climate along the coast.

but here is the main difference in my opinion between southern NJ coast and coastal CT..

now let me remind you AC's climate data is not right on the coast...its from the airport which is inland and sits on complete sand...radiational cooling drops that place like a rock..the pine barrens are the coldest spot in south jersey so I do doubt -6F was felt on the barrier islands which the AC airport is not..

but heres the main difference between the two..duration and high temps..both help considerably in what can grow successfully in both locations.

Atlantic City


The high temps in AC were on average 6f degrees warmer..also Bridgeport averaging below freezing would be very hard on plants. Time spent below freezing..high temps..bounce back from lows... the fact that the AC data is from the pines and not on the barrier islands..all this factors in besides absolute lows.

just for kicks also throwing in cape may..did much better.

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