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Re: I think your fooling yourself:

Message from Mike coastal CT

Describing the climate of coastal CT as "New England" again only shows your ignorance of climatology. My lows are 1 or 2 F below yours in southern NJ. If I live in "New England" than so do you - lol.

Also...when did I say I would be growing "unprotected aloifolia"...I think I said (six separate times - lol) that I would give cover when/if conditions warrant. Have you been reading anything else anyone has posted??

My "Silly" comparison is based on facts from NOAA/NWS...not from conjecture (or fantasy): I asserted that NWS Central Park might be the warmest NWS station in the Tri-States area in terms of minimum annual lows - I was correct- no NWS station in NJ (including Cape May) has warmer annual lows. If however you have facts that show that is incorrect....I'll be happy to pass along the info to NOAA/NWS.

Finally...I think I get your brand of science...none of the NWS stations in southern NJ reflect the conditions of their area....only the ones in CT or Fl, or somewhere else do . I was correct in my original thought: You are just kidding yourself. But hey, live in your world....Southern NJ is the coast of South Carolina. Be merry.

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