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I think your fooling yourself:

Message from Mike coastal CT

"Mike, with all due respect, you are so off base in your comments and assumptions on the climate of South Jersey, it's laughable"

That may be...I don't know the climate as well as those who live there.

However, I do know a good deal about the climatology of the USA…and (with all due respect on my part as well) I think you might be fooling yourself how mild the “immediate coast” of southern NJ is compared to a ˝ mile inland (in southern NJ):

Since the regular NWS reporting station (F6) in the Atlantic City is in Pomona…and not to the east “on the immediate coast”….we really can only make a logical guess about what the average January lows might be:

NWS in Pomona has a normal Jan low of 24.5 f…is it really logical that points “just to the east/or on the “immediate coast” are so much warmer? What is the difference, 2 F ? 3 F ? If the NWS station at Atlantic City was on the Boardwalk (instead on in Pomona) what do you think the normal low would be 26 F , 27 F? NWS Wallops Island (235 miles south of the “immediate coast” at Atlantic City)….on the coast has a normal Jan low of 28 F. Is it logical that points to the east of Atlantic City are warmer than Wallops Island? Your acting like Pomona is one climate…and points east on the “immediate NJ coast” are in Cape Hatteras –lol. On average I (or you, or anyone) can gain 5 F (at a minimum) just using typical micro-climate planting.

I say this gently (and I know folks here are very proud of their respective climates and I get it)…but from a climatological standpoint …I think your fooling yourself.

In any event...just my take on it.

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