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Aloifolia protection

Message from Jim K NJ z7a


The aloifolia stem usually isn't where the cold gets to it. It's the growth spear that gets zapped by the cold. My biggest piece of advice for you is to pull up some leaves closest to the growth spear and then wrap them in towels secured by a few rubber bands in severe cold or winter precipitation events. Then over the towels put some plastic grocery bags to keep the towels dry. If we get the type of winter folks are predicting, you could be ok.

To your point about coastal South Jersey and coastal CT being similar, I have to disagree. Coastal South Jersey is probably half a zone if not more warmer than CT's Sound coast. Aloifolia's at the shore in South Jersey need no protection, while aloifolia's inland in South Jersey 7a get by most winters ok, but were killed to the ground in the last two winters.

I truly wish you the best of luck with yours and am just trying to be realistic with your expexctations.

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