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Re: Differences small/micro climates are much more important:

Message from Jeff NJ 7a

Eh...I still think you are downplaying the Avg high temp differences a bit..you know more than me about climate but look at a southern z7a that hits the sames lows as either of us and then see that they are throwing minors and stuff out into the open..something that neither locations can really get away with..why? because their high temps are so much better..getting above freezing more consistently means a lot to plants and what will succeed and what will not..i mean no ill for CT I loved my trip there and wish you had of been present but a drive through AC and a drive through Bridgeport with a camera with a subtropical/BLE hunt in mind will yield much different results..which is I think a testament to the differences in climate..

But your micro climate piece is fascinating...wow you should shove everything you have on that one side! I benefit a deal from a micro climate on the south side of my Dads house as well...

unprotected since 2007..i don't have temp data like you but it has to be warmer than the macro climate!

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