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The Connecticut Connection - Part II: Inc. coastal pics, and a STARTLING discovery!!? What IS IT !?

Message from Terry 6b7a NJ

To follow-up on Jeff's post, here are some different pics from CT 2 and a half weeks ago. We first stopped in to visit Daniel close to the southern shore. Daniel's a super nice guy and very gracious, growing some amazing things in a great microclimate. We all then headed to a nearby beach park Daniel knew of including a lighthouse with all the trimmings.

Later we headed to a place called the Thimble Islands. Thanks again to Daniel for telling us as we had never heard of this place. Here there are small islands some of which have houses on them, a scene I'd only expect to see along the coast of OR or WA State!...First is a pic of a rather large Crepe Myrtle right across from the water - Jeff actually spotted this specimen.

OK, here's where things start getting a little......peculiar.
After having returned, and analyzing the evidence more closely, a shocking and mysterious image came into view, as I closed in on this house and what's going on and growing on the right! There seem to be at least 3 tree-like plants with long green leaves, almost looking like a tree form cordyline or something. Leaves almost yucca-like but too tall, and sort of palm-like but not actually a palm either. What Is This!!?? Looks like something you would see on the coast - the coast of Queensland Australia!! LOL...Is this the "missing link" of the Plant Kingdom! Even on this day the winds were whipping with a decent windchill...I HEAVILY cropped a few of these pics and "jazzed them up" as much as I could. At least I got out my better camera, as I also took with smartphone which when zoomed in they were a total blur.

I was rather intruiged by this uninhabited island, and had a little fun zooming in on it with my better camera.

Here's a few more pics from the Rhododendron Sanctuary in rural eastern CT. They reach to 30 ft. here with this one forming like an archway over the path.

Christmas comes early back in the college town of New Haven, with Tree up and lit by Nov. 14.

So can the mystery be solved?? 🔍 This case and mission has otherwise been completed, but there is just one, but vital link needed to finalize and complete
"The Connecticut Connection"!?

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