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Re: Really Old Yucca gloriosa?

Message from Jim Wilmington DE 7a

They are exceedingly tall for any East Coast Yucca. Most Aloifolias fall over before they get that tall and they are the East Coast trunking Yucca champions. Gloriosa & Recurvifolia are roughly the same thing. They get maybe 4 feet of trunk then either topple over or rot. Some lucky ones might make it to 5 or possibly 6 feet.

From November through April (6 months) winds there must be outrageous. How would they avoid being flattened? How would they avoid having their leaves torn to shreds?

On Delaware beaches, Yucca Filamentosa is plentiful. But you're talking a ground-hugging yucca that really can't get blown over.

If I didn't know the guy posting the pic, if the pic was a random one, I'd even dare say the plants were Photoshopped in. That possibility eliminated, I'd go with fake or seasonal/perennial planting. I think there's a 5 to 10% chance that those are real plants, in-ground for a full winter or longer.

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