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Re: Don't Jinx Us

Message from Sam TN

They aren't my maps Tom!

Jinx? Hard to jinx me at this point as it only goes up from here I think! I've endured -5F, and several overnight lows near 0F and snow/ice in 2014. Then in 2015, February, was well below normal the entire month with lows near 0F a couple of times. This is zone 7 and that's just not very typical these days particularly.

It's pretty hard to get 3 straight below normal winters, that's just the law of averages which eventually says one way or another you catch up to where you should be. Of course last year, was more normal when you look at the whole picture, but February really rocked hard.

Let me be clear: I'm not predicting wall to wall warmth. I did say that February was a big question mark. But I later amended that and said I'm going to go with at least average weather that month and perhaps some snows. But it wouldn't shock me if we get a cold February again. In fact, I think spring will be slow getting here.

Tom I like you, but it almost seems as if you are in the Bastardi line of thinking. I just don't agree with him this year or Dennis since both predict cold every year and claim to be right and they aren't (such as the 2012 warmth we had and very cold springs they predicted with snow! Dennis thinks I've forgot but I haven't and he doesn't want to get me started. Or even such as tropical systems that are going to affect the US mainland and don't make it past the Azores in the hurricane season). I at least point out my miscues such as last year when I thought the cold would hit early and it did not.

Again, look out for Feb, but I'm thinking it might be tame as well even.

I'm just blown away by people. The last two years I was demonized on this board for projecting very cold and it happened as I thought. Now it's the other way. I'm sure when we finish the La Nina in 2016-17 and things head back towards ENSO neutral I'll be demonized again. I've not backed down off the statement of by 2020 we will be heading down in overall global temps for various reasons I won't get into here since I've stated it over and over for several years.

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