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Normally they are evergreen in the Tri-State area as well:

Message from Mike coastal CT

That's what is so frustrating!

About 4/5 years ago I saw one only miles from here that I had never noticed before, it was about 20 – 25 feet tall and had beautifully evergreen leaves all through winter. Even in the worst winters it only dropped about 10 – 15 % of its leaves. Then I started hunting for them… and noticed many others stayed evergreen throughout the Tri-State area (NYC/ NJ/CT). This is a pic of another one about 8 years old only 4 miles from my location I took yesterday –it seems to look just like it did in the summer, evergreen and no (or little) leaf drop:

What frustrating - is I went out of my way, to get the southern type that is evergreen, and it seemed like (until last Feb) that it was holding on to more of its leaves (and a little longer each winter) each year. I assumed it was getting acclimated. Then last Feb it. Now, it seems to be going backwards.

In any event, not much I can do, I still like the flowers so I guess I have to wait and see what happens.

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