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A Few Pics From Today

Message from Michael In Spokane

This has been the longest growing season I can remember. My last frost was April 5th. and I still haven't gone below 32, although some areas around me have. This first pic is from Finch Arboretum. I couldn't get my camera to focus (Gotta be smarter than the gadget). Viburnum farreri, with a very spicy-sweet almond fragrance
 photo DSCN2132_zpswwgzsei1.jpg

Hamamelis virginiana, also at Finch
 photo DSCN2134_zpsba7vk5ej.jpg

Trachy from a California source. This one had spear pull after temps around 10F this last winter. You can see the following leaf (near the center of the crown) is reduced. (All the palms were unprotected at that temperature, which occurred in November quite suddenly after an exceptionally warm fall. They were protected later in the season.)
 photo DSCN2153_zpsdfmop3yc.jpg

This one is from a western Washington source. No damage after the same temps.
 photo DSCN2154_zpsavjsi8np.jpg

This one is in the ground. It pulled, but had great recovery.
 photo DSCN2155_zpseqfeoymi.jpg

 photo DSCN2156_zpsatvhoa5q.jpg

 photo DSCN2158_zps0jmee9lq.jpg

Wintersweet season has begun. This flower smells like Arabian jasmine combined with Juicy Fruit gum!
 photo DSCN2145_zpswcjnj11l.jpg

A bit disturbing. I don't usually see this until February. Daphne odora 'Zuiko Nishiki'
 photo DSCN2146_zpsxkeq9hrp.jpg

Mahonia bealei
 photo DSCN2143_zpsmytbrjzf.jpg

Helleborus niger 'Joseph Lemper'
 photo DSCN2157_zps9zsaxm1q.jpg

Schizostylis coccinea 'Torero'
 photo DSCN2144_zpssqu4up33.jpg

Iris foetidissima, Athyrium nipponicum 'Pictum',and Adiantum venustum
 photo DSCN2141_zpsuwchp5gy.jpg

The iris again with a seedling of Arum italicum
 photo DSCN2142_zpshmzf1v5s.jpg

Rose 'Julia Child'. The bush is 6' tall
 photo DSCN2151_zpsh6bhgf2u.jpg

Daphne x transatlantica 'Eternal Fragrance', in bloom since May
 photo DSCN2140_zpswtzk7pgz.jpg

Fuchsia magellanica 'Aurea'
 photo DSCN2150_zpset0yyvz3.jpg

Pachysandra axillaris 'Windcliff Fragrant'. This smells like Paperwhites, only much sweeter. It usually blooms in the spring
 photo DSCN2162_zpsfmf7iizg.jpg

Fuchsia 'Gartenmeister Bonstedt'. This is my frost indicator. It will tolerate the cool but frost free temps that caused my New Guinea impatiens to rot
 photo DSCN2137_zpsutjl6oof.jpg

One more. Poncirus trifoliata, or as some botanists now call it, Citrus trifoliata. One of 13 fruit; this is its second season bearing. It took 7 years. Surprisingly, the fruit is not as bitter as I'd expected it would be, but alas, the flowers are barely scented.
 photo DSCN2147_zps75ae4yhl.jpg

That's enough for now. Thanks for looking!

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