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Re: We forget how warm winter is from CA to South Atlantic:

Message from Jim in Iowa

Yea...that water helps out a lot,even
with snow removal! Places in Massachusetts
can get pummeled with snow and it can be
gone in a few weeks or less-here,we rarely
get the big snows but when they come they
usually stick around a long time-it takes a lot
to bring enough of the gulfs influence up here to
remove it until you get to late February when the sun
helps out..

I tried growing Aloifolia in StL when I lived there
but I didn't protect the first winter,I do recall seeing
them in a gas station parking lot(in Ladue) there,I wonder if they
still grow there?

Once you get to Memphis things are better for sure.


In 2012 we did not dip below 0(F) here but about 150 miles
north(or so) in Waterloo,they saw -20F a few times that year
if I recall correctly,we are either one side (of the typical
snow line) or the other here and it makes a huge difference!
With a good snow cover here we can struggle to break the
freezing mark where 20 miles south in Keosauqua they can
(if the ground is snow free)be around 40F.

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