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Re: Signs are all there now for December.

Message from Sam TN


You're first sentence cracked me up by the way...lol.

Dennis has said it would be warm in December? By hell you say?!?! I haven't seen him holler "warm" a single time. I'm not sure it's in his vocabulary.

I see you are focused on highs, but you must also account for lows. Look at the average temperatures and review anomalies. You're a smart cookie, so I don't need to go any further than that. Also, I might be wrong, but I don't think AW or NOAA uses the Euro for long range projections. I think they mirror the GFS. I don't know the answer to that one actually, but it seems to me like they do (since they are usually wrong half the time in long range, particularly AW lol).

My predictions were made a long time ago now. I'm just showing where we are and where we are headed by what most respected sources refer to as "the best model", which is the European.

I have never thought this winter would be truly a warm winter, but one that wasn't cold either. But I'm leaning on the warm side for sure considering our cold source (Canada) is warm and will be warm for most of winter.

It's winter nearly...so if "blah" is above average, then below average will warrant outright cussing and throwing random objects like two years ago or last February.

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