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Warm November in much of USA kicking in?

Message from Mike coastal CT

Agree....the players seem to have taken the field and settled into their winter home (or at least the first month of winter). With no massive changes in the pattern players in the short term..I think the November warmth will just extend right into December.

Talking with Dennis, I checked Myrtle Beach a few times...and they seem to be a good example of what is going on at many NWS stations in the USA. Myrtle Beach is a good example as they are at the edge of the subtropics (which tend to be cooler in El Nino years) but north enough to feel some of the middle latitude/temperate climate controls, more that deep subtropical climates like New Orleans, Galveston, or Jacksonville.

The results of the warm pattern are really starting to stand out: As of today, NWS Myrtle Beach is running +5.8 F...(last year by this date they were already -2.6 F)....the normal high low in November is 68/43....yet this November Myrtle Beach has had only 3 nights below the normal low (and 13 above)...while just 2 days have had highs below normal(and 15 above!). Although more typical for them (but still on the warm side)....only one night as edged under 40 F at Myrtle Beach this month...and none are forecast to right into next Sat. In fact, not a single night in the next 7 days at Myrtle Beach will even be below the upper 40's F:

My guess (given the forecast for the next week)...there is now no way Myrtle Beach doesn't end November 2015 well above normal.

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