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You seem like me - lol

Message from Mike coastal CT

Your of the same cloth as me....solar and heat powered - LOL.

I forget your normal highs this time of year are still much warmer than ours (looks like your normal late November high is like 76 F or so). So temps in the upper 60's F for Monday are cool (for you). Yes, I'm jealous lol. Though it wont be too bad here to be honest on Monday as the cool shot moves in, most of the Middle Atlantic from Washington to NYC is forecast to have highs in the upper 40's F. , then it will moderate again as we move toward the Holiday.

Although I like the weather in Florida all year (I would live in the Caribbean if I could)...it's hard not to like the weather down there from November through April. The temps are perfect, it's often sunny and dry, and there are many beach days on the coast. Each time I come down it gets harder to go back up north. I think my days in the north are numbered.

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