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A few palm updates- warm December

Message from Tommy Nashville-Miami

This Livistonia is going on many years but this is the smallest I'm seen it going into the winter. It's unprotected so I'm hoping for the best.
 photo 20151207_142555_zps9d9uzd7l.jpg

These are coming along well with several babies.
 photo 20151207_142646_zpstl0lu6dg.jpg

My neighbor gave me this yucca and it collapsed to the ground from weight but has come back with a vengeance. I have no idea what it is.
 photo 20151207_142807_zpsgak49dhq.jpg

My new row of Waggies.
 photo 20151207_142915_zpsco3th6zn.jpg

This is in a neighborhood close by on the lake. They bought it ten years ago in a small pot from a local nursery. Like me, they do not protect.
 photo IMG_1822_zpsdei4u7pr.jpg

Another one. I wish I had shots from the ground up. They've had many babies.
 photo IMG_1823_zpsx5xd82lz.jpg

One of my first needles (that you've seen several times on here).
 photo 20151207_142437_zps8rgvrfjj.jpg

Big minors.
 photo 20151207_142452_zpsnxagq2m4.jpg

A forecast they will all love.
 photo lin_7day_640_zpsemkqt3tr.jpg


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