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Re: "Christmas" Flowers at my house !!

Message from Jim Wilmington DE 7a

It's just insane what's been going on here in Delaware, botanically speaking.

Is your blooming Camellia a Japonica or a Sasanqua?

There is a Japonica in my hood that has let loose a bloom already. Highly irregular behavior, of course. But then, who'd have guessed we'd finish out 2015 with a 9b winter (so far)?

I think a key ingredient to all the activity (so well documented by you) has been the few nights below and around freezing that we had. Apparently, for many plants, that's all the chilling requirement they need before warmer temps cause foliage & flowers to start growing again.

I've seen butterfly bushes that have had most of their 2015 foliage burned by the light frosts we've had regenerate new foliage all over the plants. And I'm talking just within the last week or two. Lawns and weeds are growing again, too.

Very bizarre for late December at this latitude.

I would LOVE to see the rest of winter go just like this (except for all the rain!).

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