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Re: Is it?

Message from George in Bandon Oregon

FWIW, according to the literature ("trees for all seasons" by Sean Hogan) northern forms (it extends up to coastal new jersey) of m. cerifera can withstand temps to around -20f (though probably going deciduous) and the variety "wintergreen" has proved "hardy to zone 5" according to Guy Sternberg in "native trees for north American landscapes".

that said, hardiness and "evergreeness" are likely very much helped by planting in protected spots and improve with maturity (young seedlings will be more tender). if temperatures have been very mild so far in your place so far there is at least a possibility that normally deciduous plants might retain their leaves longer especially in protected spots so it could possibly be m. pennsylvanica which supposedly has semi- to fully evergreen forms (mainly in the south) and to confuse things further "evergreen bayberry" (m. heterophylla) that also ranges into coastal n.j. can sometimes be a large shrub/small tree.

of course there is always the scary possibility (for me ,LOL) that it could be something else entirely!!!!

again the rather poor quality of the picture makes hard and fast i.d.'s difficult at best, so sorry.

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