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Re: I thought this was a hpb,not a weather station.

Message from Jim Wilmington DE 7a

Usually, when people make your complaint, a quick review of page 1 threads often proves them wrong. But not in this case. Of the 50 threads on page 1, only 14 were obvious plant posts. To be fair, not all of the balance were weather posts. Subject matter included France and things like "Where's Tony?" and "How Do I Find Ian?" -- things like that. That being said, much of the non-plant stuff on page 1 is weather stuff. I don't start weather threads, but I do participate in them. Much of the time, only to advise one of the greatest perpetrators of weather posts to back off on doing it.

In terms of plants, I have been busy at work getting my winter protection in order. Thanksgiving Week should see me finish up this work. I plan to share what I'm doing with everyone -- probably next weekend. Photos, the whole deal. I don't think we get very many people who are new to the hobby of growing marginals out-of-zone -- not like we used to, anyway. But, if there are such folks lurking about here, perhaps my methods will help them with their plants. There are some aspects of how I protect a palm that are rather unique for this online plant lover community.

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