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A Breeze Blew!

Message from Michael In Spokane

When I was a kid one of my favorite books (at least, one of the most memorable) was the Cat In The Hat Dictionary. For the word Breeze it said "A breeze is blowing." The picture (a drawing) showed a girl hanging onto a pole with her legs flying like a flag, and a dog, and its house, air born.
On the 17th, a breeze blew through my city.

Over 180,000 households lost power. I was out for 5 days. A few households are still out. Winds were in excess of 70 mph. We don't get winds like that! Thousands of trees were downed. All over the city, Ponderosa pines that grew to +100', never experiencing "breezes" like that, fell and crushed the houses built beneath them. We've never had a storm like that!
Is this our future? Are we going to be dealing with more storms like this? Not just here, in the Inland Northwest, but everywhere?

While googling for footage, I found this charming video of my city...a nice reminder of why I love this place...

Thanks for reading, and watching.

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