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Re: Modoki is bad

Message from Sam TN

Winter will be winter. It's going to snow. It's going to get cold. But July next year will be hot. Tis' the season folks!

But one has to think about what the anomalies are. I'm sitting here today and we've seen cooler than average highs, but lows are about on par. Overall, that's maybe slightly below the norm. But I've seen teens this time of year too like I did a few years back and again two years ago! That's ridiculous for here.

With an El Nino, we see an active subtropical jet and lots of moisture. The continuous feed of moisture will keep the air from getting too cold for prolonged periods of time, so if any Arctic invasion comes like a certain person here keeps referring to, then it will not last long and it's impacts will be weakened by water's specific heat. History does not support zone busting lows in the US with strong El Nino's!!! It can happen, but it's just very improbable. I said about a month ago we will all look back on this winter with most of us above zone defining lows, despite most of us receiving our average snowfall amounts or even above.

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