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HAPPY 100th BIRTHDAY Frank Sinatra!.Is it "Witchcraft"?-one of the Warmest 12/12's this last Century

Message from Terry 6b7a NJ

In true Sinatra style, maybe Frank was able to "pull a few strings" for this his 100th Birthday.
Temperature in Hoboken today forecasted to be 64F, (record 68F) but could further approach that, with night-time Temps Fri. and Sat. night (mid-50's) perhaps coming even closer to record-breaking. Sunday many records will be shattered. Numerous Birthday celebrations taking place today across the country, inc. Hoboken, where little did they know, but they could have planned the festivities out of doors.

Since we are esp. lacking here right now with Administration/Moderators,
I motion, if we may, to make Frank Sinatra Honorary "Chairman of the Board" ...(of "this' Board) on this momentous day. (indeed it "would" be an honor)

And as the consumate professinal, always prepared to come to the table and perform,
here are some palm and desert landscape images of his Palm Springs home. (they call it Twin Palms for good reason).

His "pad" at the Jersey Shore when performing shows in Atlantic City as recently as the 1990's...not to be outdone, palms included.

And a pretty cool Video of his Palm Springs Estate


Frank Sinatra with Joshua Tree

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