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Re: I didn't know this :

Message from WSimpson NC

Dennis , I've heard mixed results about using tree paint . I know I used to use it on every big cut on a tree but I've heard it isn't needed . I'm sure there are cases of it helping but I think my tree is healing pretty well . I've heard it's mainly used for cosmetic reasons now . Dave mentioned that the lower trunks of Citrus trees can get sun damage . I just hope sun on the lower trunk isn't hindering the healing process or making it worse after a cold winter . I'll protect the lower trunk this winter if it needs it .

Here's a couple of articles I read that pretty much say what most of the articles say about painting the wound :


" Do Not Use Tree Paint
For years, arborists had a practice of painting a tar based paint on tree wounds. This was thought to keep insects and diseases out and moister in. Many studies over the past years have shown these products to not be useful. Tree paint does not, in fact, keep insects or other pathogens out of the tree. Tree paint does not help the callus wood to grow. Ironically, it has actually been proven that many of the tree paint and tar products on the market actually detract from tree health by introducing harmful chemicals into the tree’s biology. It is best to let the tree’s natural defense mechanisms wall off any decay that might try to set into the wound. Arborists have discontinued the practice of using tree paint, but oddly enough it is still sold in many garden centers and hardware stores. So, again; DO NOT USE TREE PAINT! "

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