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Fantastic display of hardy broad leafed evergreens!

Message from Dave in NoVA z7a

Thanks for posting this. Great shots.

We can purchase Berberis julianae locally at only a few nurseries. It has been used in hedges here -- mostly in commercial situations where a 'people barrier' is required. There are other hardy evergreen Berberis as well, such as Berberis x gladwynensis 'William Penn', which is more low and mounding.

Nice specimen of Ilex pedunculosa. Unfortunately it needs its own species male for pollination. So you gotta have two.

Osmanthus americanus. Wow! That's a really nice one! It can be purchased online fortunately. I have one, but it's not near as green. I need to move it to a sunnier spot I think.

Ilex fargesii
. Very unusual! There is one at our National Arboretum, but I seem to have missed it. That one would be worth trying to hybridize with something else. Really needs to be offered in commerce. It looks spineless...is it?

I agree that Lithocarpus henryi ought to be offered more. Really hard to find.

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