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Re: General Question

Message from Sam TN

I feel like I keep answering the same question over and over...

First off your question doesn't change the fact about what El Niņo does to the subtropical jet and our winter climate pattern. We know plenty about it. And we know 1997-98 and 1982-83 (both within the satellite era) were not as strong. We know that the South will NOT SEE extended Arctic cold outbreaks or "polar vortex bombardment", whatever, in this kind of pattern or below winter zone minima in most places. It's almost impossible with this setup and I will say this until I'm dead.

Now as for before, no question that we didnt have the technology then. But we have overlapping cycles beyond ENSO such as the solar cycles which also play a role in temperatures in time. The Earths temperature has risen since then. I don't think it's quite to the level liberals would have you think, however.

So given we know the Earths temperature has risen since then (empirical evidence suggests this with ice cores too), we can assume this El Niņo is stronger just as it has been stronger than the previous two. The empirical evidence is there too, like it or not. Is it 100% certain, no, but I don't know of any scientist that would disagree with me right now. Just people here lol.

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