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Pics around my yard this month!

Message from Alex NYC

Hi everyone, happy Thanksgiving!
Sorry it has been so long since I have given an update from my yard. This semester at school has been a very busy one. But I am lucky that mother nature has at held off a hard freeze in my yard until this past week so I was able to keep my plants outdoors for a while. I still have a few tender stuff outside!

Here are some pics from my yard all from the past month. (I warn you November is a boring month up north for tropicals but there are a few nice surprises! I will post a summer update soon too. That one will be more interesting.

Also for anyone interested, I recently wrote up a blog post for Gardening Know How. Here's the link! http://blog.gardeningknowhow.com/guest-bloggers/alex-tropical-gardening-in-ny-tbd/

Brugmansia protected from a frost
Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9135_zpsl7web8dz.jpg

It's about 12 feet tall so I definitely was not going to be able to cover the whole thing!
Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9136_zpsohn75wty.jpg

The day after our frost scare
Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9139_zpsav6mhy2i.jpg

I don't know what this blue flower is but it's still going strong and it's nearly December!
Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9138_zps1hts3yrp.jpg

My largest Trachy
Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9142_zps1c4mz8tc.jpg

Butterfly ginger
Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9143_zpsgl7ykucq.jpg

Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9155_zpsqvcogbcc.jpg

Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9158_zpsuaoylz16.jpg

I was lucky enough to finally find a "Mekong Giant" banana. The leaves showed some frost damage this week after our first real freeze of the season bringing a low of 28F. Looked great in this shot!
Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9145_zpspfnxgpsa.jpg

Crape Myrtles are by far the best looking trees in my yard year round. They outperform the others even in fall foliage!
Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9159_zpscd557nvn.jpg

Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9169_zpspeezgrkh.jpg

My Sabal minor to the left, Sabal Birmingham to the right, Washy in the center, and crape myrtle in the left corner (I think the crape myrtle is stealing the show)
Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9160_zpssz80uahk.jpg

Sabal closeup and some very dwarf cannas
Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9162_zpsm3awvba5.jpg

Sabal and Salvia going strong even after 28F!
Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9163_zpsymae9g16.jpg

My Med Fan palm and my Daphniphyllum (sorry this area desperately needs a good weeding and mulching). I lost a LOT of leaves on the Daphniphyllum this fall. I think it was the dry weather but even now it's a little wilty looking. Hopefully it sticks around!
Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9161_zpsld1fyufp.jpg

Mandevillas give it their all even in cooler weather.
Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9164_zpsxzgiszu7.jpg

My Loquat is BLOOMING! I was pretty happy to see it attempting to set fruit this far north. I don't think I have ever seen honeybees in my yard any time of the year (let alone November) but there were plenty on these loquat blooms.
Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9172_zpsf1xzahsp.jpg

What was even more odd was my hardy hibiscus still had blooms on them. Usually they poop out in late August yet this one is still opening up tiny blooms in November! I got these this past September.
Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9175_zpsb7zqrp1t.jpg

My Washy really impressed me. I have tried these palms in pots only to have them slowly die. But they are so easy to grow in the ground. This is going to be its second winter. Every single frond in this picture is new to this year (The damaged one on the very bottom was it's second new frond of the spring). If I can keep it happy this winter it should be the star of the front yard next season.
Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9166_zpsuohqhux5.jpg

Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9177_zps7indyf6k.jpg

And I'll end with a pic of a very pink sunset earlier this week. I am not a fan of these 4:30 sunsets but there is definitely something nice about sunsets in the Fall.
Late Fall 2015 photo IMG_9182_zpsgjftw7oc.jpg

Thanks for looking and enjoy the holiday everyone.

P.S. Is anyone else's Fatsia japoncia's new growth very frost sensitive? This is my first year with them.

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