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Sabal Minor

Message from Jim Wilmington DE 7a

In past years, that specimen looked better. But so did mine. The last two winters really did a number on Sabal Minor. At least from here on northward. And it's good evidence to why you don't see them here like you do in the Southeast. The ONLY places you see them up here are in kooky people's yards. And even when they naturalize, they seem to do it within the confines of those same yards. You never see a Sabal Minor randomly growing along a roadside or by a creek or any other seemingly ideal site. And there's a reason for that.

The last two winters were crazy on duration. However, in my location, they did not come in "below USDA zone." Even with lows above zero, my Minors defoliated to the spear and most recent frond. Now, imagine if we'd had all that duration and a 6a or 5b winter low. Those kinds of winters come along every so often. And it is those winters that set plant boundaries.

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