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Things don't seem right with that map

Message from Brian in Utah

Something's not right with that yellow in eastern idaho. There's no way that area has less heating degree days than here ( northern utah ). No fricken way. Is that really meant to be zone 0? But then it doesn't agree with the yellow in western Idaho because those areas are VERY different. Riggins (would be in that spot of yellow in western Idaho) is almost zone 8. The other spot of yellow in eastern Idaho is around Arco or something like that and it's zone 5a ( if that ). How can they have the same heating degree days?

Parts of AZ have same range of cooling degree days as western Oregon? Seriously, having lived in western oregon, that just doesn't seem right. I didn't even have AC in my house, I can't imaging a house in Tucson not having AC. But same cooling degree days? How is that?

It also seems weird that some of the divisions follow state lines. Yeah right, lol.

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