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Sabals are all that's left.....

Message from TomPAz6A

My front island is truly a Sabal island now. I cut the front Basjoo colony down yesterday and mulched over it.
These will be left unprotected for this week anyways.
Here is the Basjoo put to bed for winter.


Something or someone has stomped on one of my Louisiana fronds!

This fall has been mild for sure. My Alstroemerias though no longer blooming still have pretty undamaged foliage.

Med Fans are in for the night but going back out for the week. These have been out for six months which isn't too bad. I'll miss seeing them as I drive up to the house. By April they'll be out again!

Finally I did dig up the mother stem on my front Basjoo for a head start in spring. I'm hoping for flowers next summer! My heated garage keeps bananas happy inside for winter.
Here is the Basjoo.

Here is the main Grand Nain stem next to it.

Good luck all this winter! Hopefully it's a mild one

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