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Bermuda High for late November is OK with me:

Message from Mike coastal CT

I glance at the ECMWF now and then too...and there is little to complain about for those east of the Mississippi to the East Coast. Thanksgiving week looks mild and sunny for most of the area.

The Arctic Oscillation is projected to remain in the positive phase right into early December - which should (in theory at least) confine the coldest air up toward the poles. I think a more notable pattern change might occur in the last days of November/early December...with a slightly colder look from the eastern Prairies into Quebec in Canada. However, any cold that does come back down into the lower 48 will probably not stick around for long.

One of the other international models that came out this week shows a fairly stormy pattern for the West (more snow for the Rockies) into BC during the first half of December as the core of the Arctic air remains over the pole and in eastern Siberia. The model also floods much of the rest of southern Canada and the northern U.S. with Pacific air.

So if this all holds...no real unusually cold air at least into early December. My Hibiscus might flower right into early December. I feel like I'm living in Florida - lol.

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