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El-Nino in deep south is often only a few degrees below normal means:

Message from Mike coastal CT


I said that back in August (south might not go much below normal at all this winter) when there was mention about the El Nino and how the northern USA might be warmer than normal...but the south cooler than normal. A little cooler than normal in the far southern USA really does not mean much.

Often in El Nino years the southern USA from NV all the way to South Carolina might see below normal temps...but this is often only because there is more storm systems and precip. While so lows do drawn down cold air on their west sides, it's normally not too much below normal. My guess is a typical NWS mid south station like Richmond, Dallas, maybe Atlanta might have mean temps 2 or 3 F below normal...but not 25 or 50 year huge anomiles that occurred last Feb.

Also, remember, that for Deep south locations along the Gulf Coast, Desert Southwest, and Florida/far south Atlantic...a month with a mean temp of -1- 3 F is not all that big a deal. If Orlando was -2.5 F in January, their mean temp would still be 58 F (about the same as Trenton in May - lol).

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