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Re: Question about some small potted washies

Message from Jim Wilmington DE 7a

I've kept both Robustas & Filiferas indoors over several winters. December to mid to late March, depending on how spring is going.

They are almost worry-free indoors.

You can keep them in a comfortable-for-humans sunny room, as close to the glass as you can get them. Even 70F, 24/7, won't hurt them. Filifera will appreciate the lower indoor dewpoints. My Filifera, when a little pup, would be annually rejuvenated by coming indoors -- particularly after a cool, damp fall. The aggravating yellow spots that come to Filifera under damp, cool conditions are stopped dead once they get inside. Periodic shots of potash and lime are very helpful in this regard, too. Forget feeding any nitrogen while indoors. Chances are the warmer temps will encourage spears to continue to grow and push out, but this usually is not a negative. It can be if the palm is in less-than-optimal light daily. But even then, the worse that happens is you get new fronds at the ends of very long, slender petioles. Once back outdoors in spring, the first windy day will probably witness the failure of the petiole as the frond will often fold, permanently, where petiole and leaf meet. The issue will correct itself as successive fronds emerge.

There. I hope this is satisfactory!

I also back up what the others have said in the thread before me.

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