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just to be clear...

Message from George in Bandon Oregon

the house in the picture is in California and it belongs to Stan. that said, magnolia grandiflora (not native anywhere on the west coast) is cultivated fairly extensively in our area and grows rather well (as long as it gets summer water) from southern B.C. Canada to southern California. U.S.A.

FWIW, I can grow a reasonable number of s.e. natives on my little piece of (almost) paradise---the bullbay of course and m. virginiana (evergreen sweetbay), quercus virgiana (live oak), q. hemisphaerica (upland laurel oak), persea borbonia (redbay) , p. palustris (swamp bay), pinus palustris (long leaf pine) and p. elliotii (slash pine),and carya illinoinensis (pecan), and some others as well. most all these plants need extra water during our long dry summers to grow well as opposed to trees like australian eucalyptus and acacia and many of the Mexican oaks and pines for that matter (and of course the many different west coast natives) which once established generally need little or no extra water.

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