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Re: Poncirus trifoliata naturalizing

Message from Jim Wilmington DE 7a

They do that for me, too. What they really like, and where you are sure to see them, is in mulched beds close to fruiting mature trees. The seeds germinate with little provocation in mulch beds or other soft soil conditions. What I have not seen anywhere around here are "wild" Ponciris as random features of the general landscape.

I take that back. I recall one close to Lima, PA in a roadside thicket where no specimen in cultivation could be seen nearby. Nor was it likely that the volunteer (a full-sized Ponciris) itself had started out as a human-intended planting.

They can damage and even die around here in a very severe cold snap. But as a rule, they are nearly bullet-proof hardy.

This year in particular, the local fruiting specimens bore a bumper crop of fruit. I'd estimate twice as heavy as a typical year. Not sure why.

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