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Message from Terry 6b7a NJ

Though the results could be viewed, here is the official WINNER of the 2nd Annual Hardy Palm Board Photo Contest:

As of the end of Thanksgiving week-end, and with one participant voluntarily withdrawing their Photo,
the WINNING PHOTO goes to RICK in DE!


A Photo actually from the Mid-Atlantic, in Delaware of a large, native Bald Cypress Tree...a remainig remnant where once stood thousands of Bald Cypress in a large forest where most are long gone or have been removed. A subtropical-like comparison could be made of this tree in far south Florida, where a massive Bald Cypress Forest used to spread from the far SE Coast of FL virtually all the way across the Everglades to the West Coast, roughly following the Tamiami Trail! Nice to think these ancient, still surviving trees can be found all the way up into the Mid-Atlantic, possibly even NJ and/or LI.

PICTURE will be posted on Facebook page,
and RICK please e-mail me at the address below
(pm's still down, and your # was on my old phone but don't see it on my newer phone).


Funny how the Poll kind of paralleled the Presidential Polls...given the surges and even someone dropping out. Also the Polls are said to vary, and not be totally accurate, along with a certain "margin of error". So guess we'll take what's given, but bearing that in mind.

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