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I grew up there

Message from Sam TN

I grew up there and was there last night. Yes, it was cold.

2 things:

Moms weather station that I consider to be quite accurate since I placed it myself, recorded 22F last night, so yes, the cool anomaly is true. Athens is lower in elevation than surrounding areas and can get chilly on cool nights. I was at 26F here in west Knoxville at 6:30 this morning. So I'm sometimes warmer here despite being further north. I think there's also a very light UHI here.

I think the 19F is a bit of an extreme. Athens has no official weather data point used by NCDC. This is likely an radiative cooling issue at whatever is being used there. Mom was 22F and is just outside Athens. It's possible it could be 19F, but doubtfully. I'm thinking 21-23F since mom is also at the same low elevation.

But what do I know? I only have been there all my life and grew up there. And...Neither I nor mom has seen a slight speck of snow this year.

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