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Re: Mystery BLE

Message from Jim Wilmington DE 7a

George, I treat mine as a true tree. It grows unbelievably fast. Unlike most stuff that grows here, it has 2 1/2 growing seasons instead of 1. It grows like crazy in spring, as you would imagine. It shuts down during the heat of summer, then flushes out new growth around or after Labor Day. It continues doing that even into the first few frosts. Then, after the New Year comes in, it can't wait to get going again. I'll clearly see bud clusters forming and swelling as early as February. I don't own a more vigorous plant. I planted it as twig in 2009. Today, it's in the 12 - 15 foot range. Would that my palms grew like that!

I could not in good conscience trim it like a shrub. It wants to be a tree, and so, its wish is my command.

This is mine, yesterday, November 20th. Note the new growth (red).

I'm 6' 1", and this is the view looking up to the top of the Photinia. Again, note the new growth. I used to worry about foliage like that getting burned with frosts and hard freezes, but it's very resilient.

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