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Lucas, I don't know if anyone knows the host range for TPPD, however...

Message from Keith Winter Haven FL

Richard in TX (a dang good horticulturalist and horticultural observer...you should see his slide shows!), reports that S. palmetto doesn't last long in the Rio Grand valley, but S. mexicana rarely, if ever, develop disease symptoms. And if its native where the disease evolved, it makes sense there would be resistance. So, maybe that means some of the other Mexican Sabals are resistant too. But thats pure speculation on my part. I'm hoping the Caribbean Sabals are resistant. And I'll add, if it weren't for TPPD, there'd be a lot of Sabal palmettos on this property. I really like them.

I bought the variegated S. palmetto from Rob Pittman at A Quality Plants in Ruskin. Its doing alright at the moment, but I understand he lost a variegated specimen to TPPD. So, as you'd predict, I doubt it has any resistance.

I'm obviously a big fan of Livistonas and they appear to be resistant. Thats a great thing!

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