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Re: Yeah Craig

Message from Craig Central FL

I do indeed consider myself fortunate to live in this area. I am on the Northeast side of the Orlando area. I can get to Daytona Beach in about an hour. New Smyrna Beach is about 50 minutes from here. And, the most fascinating (from a zone pushing perspective) area, Cocoa Beach, I am about an hour and 10 minutes. There are some areas over there that look like you are in South Florida.

I moved here in 1966 when I was in High School. My father was a career Air Force aviator who was transferred from Otis Air Force Base in Massachusetts to the old McCoy Air Force Base on the South side of Orlando. McCoy is where Orlando International Airport now sits. So, I have seen lots of change over the years.

I finished high school and went to college right here in Orlando. I have worked at the same company for more than 41 years having had many opportunities to relocate over the years. But, I resisted all of the overtures from other companies as I feel that this area was much better to raise a family.

Back in the 1960's and 1970's there were many Royal Palms and even some Coconut Palms planted in this area. In fact, there was a retirement high rise that was built in a "U" shape over on Lucerne Drive (south of Downtown Orlando). In the courtyard created by the building, there were two huge Royal Palms that grew there for many years. In fact, I don't think the weather ever killed them. I think they were removed prior to the building being demolished in the late 1970's. So, there are many great microclimates in and around the Downtown Orlando area. Right along Anderson Street right off the 408 Expressway, there are large Royal Palms and at least one Bottle Palm that have now been there for a number of years. And, the Orlando City Hall, right on Orange Avenue, is landscaped with a couple of Zone 10 palms that have been there for many years now. So, at least in the urban heat island, there are lots of really tropical things growing.

In response to your comment, Chuck, I am really fortunate in a number of ways.

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