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Re: How long should I push my luck?

Message from Ronnie Long Island NY


Your trachy is over 6 feet tall and just starting to trunk? It must have extremely long fronds.

As far as protection goes, I watch both the long range night and long range day temperatures. Once the daytime temperatures consistently hover around freezing and the nighttime temperatures hover around the lower twenties, it's time for full protection.

My two largest trachys have no protection at all right now and are doing fine. Everything else has some very basic protection consisting of a few inches of leaves just to keep the ground warm at night. I also spray them with copper fungicide and place some leaves near the spear and upper leaves... but not too much because I want them to get sunshine.

I do not use heat. I also try to minimize the amount of time a palm is completely covered with leaves etc. My theory is to cover them in accordance with the weather they are about to experience. I've lost many palms in the past (while experimenting) but I'm getting much better at this and now rarely lose anything.

Good luck!


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