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What a difference a day makes-palms in snow/without

Message from Jim in Iowa

Fortunei on Saturday,there was over a half inch
in the rain gauge when the snow melted!

 photo DSCF0471_zpssiftfgek.jpg


 photo DSCF0469_zpsnclhtr4a.jpg

Fortunei and Nainital today (Monday)temp in
town is already up to 50F...only one petiole
snapped on the Fortunei,maybe you can find it

 photo DSCF0486_zpsvbjbbj3j.jpg

 photo DSCF0485_zpsmkktkzq6.jpg

Passion flower really took the cold well,
we were forecast to hi 9F it was 12F at the airport
but luckily "only" 17F in my yard.

 photo DSCF0489_zpsvf7dcfbr.jpg

Another Fortunei

 photo DSCF0487_zpsvy2mbzrc.jpg

T.Bulgaria was left uncovered,the tiny Manipur
behind it just had a cover with mulch piled inside.

 photo DSCF0488_zpsxr4sqsxi.jpg

73F in the cactus enclosure right now...
I did cover the Martianus even though it is smashed
inside the cover,better crushed than dead I suppose.

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