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A few turkey weekend pics from north-central Georgia southern piedmont

Message from Phil in Atlanta

Starting in my north Atlanta burb the palmetto seeds ripe.

 photo IMAG2938_zpsekkn5tyx.jpg

 photo IMAG2942_zps9lg1yvke.jpg

We had light freeze a week ago but still many tropicals fine in my yard and burb. (except in exposed/cold locales)

 photo IMAG2917_zps7jcagct3.jpg

 photo IMAG2918_zpsatyinmei.jpg

 photo IMAG2919_zpswultjwke.jpg

 photo IMAG2928_zpsbsqqlxiu.jpg

 photo IMAG2957_zpsalihxez2.jpg

 photo IMAG3047_zpsgdxma4ns.jpg

Ok now heading south on I-75 this is Jackson, GA. Still in piedmont but about 30-40 minutes or so south of Atlanta depending on traffic. Fatty palmettos.

 photo IMAG3051_zpskhvytjo2.jpg

 photo IMAG3053_zps0v5oxkvn.jpg

 photo IMAG3055_zpsxw15sbvt.jpg

Another 10 miles down the road is Forsyth, GA. Still in Georgia southern piedmont around 600ft elevation. A volunteer palmetto have been watching for awhile right off freeway offramp.

 photo IMAG3060_zpsya5wp2nl.jpg

 photo IMAG3062_zpsc9rgsv6p.jpg

Still in Forsyth. This motel loaded with palms and big trunking sagos and many volunteers of both.

 photo IMAG3065_zpsqghcl2zd.jpg

 photo IMAG3066_zps7vxqpdjw.jpg

 photo IMAG3067_zpset7t2pmy.jpg

Tall washy with many many volunteers. Some of which I now have.

 photo IMAG3068_zpsnbwo0tud.jpg

 photo IMAG3069_zpsmcquhvx7.jpg

 photo IMAG3070_zps9bdqw29w.jpg

With sandle for trunk scale.

 photo IMAG3071_zpsmk9czg8z.jpg

 photo IMAG3072_zps26rmyaon.jpg

 photo IMAG3073_zpsjugovtmx.jpg

Volunteer washies and pindos.

 photo IMAG3074_zps6fghtdzu.jpg

 photo IMAG3075_zps3peel4th.jpg

 photo IMAG3078_zps7ma8b9nj.jpg

 photo IMAG3079_zps1wqtrn65.jpg

More pindo volunteers. Its hard to describe just how many LOL.

 photo IMAG3080_zpstxl2ywaj.jpg

 photo IMAG3084_zpsm25e4nwi.jpg

 photo IMAG3085_zpswgmlsbv2.jpg

 photo IMAG3086_zps7q2f2wx3.jpg

 photo IMAG3087_zps9o1a0qdr.jpg

 photo IMAG3089_zpsou8tavkj.jpg

 photo IMAG3091_zps3autwktr.jpg

 photo IMAG3093_zps4fqqjtme.jpg

 photo IMAG3095_zps3qmhu1vf.jpg

 photo IMAG3096_zpsbwwmvds2.jpg

 photo IMAG3099_zpsrjnolb9f.jpg

 photo IMAG3101_zpspxqy5knp.jpg

 photo IMAG3105_zps5sjhlamb.jpg

 photo IMAG3110_zpsklfsnqlg.jpg

 photo IMAG3111_zpsjdpzyzut.jpg

 photo IMAG3112_zpsehyfykro.jpg

 photo IMAG3116_zps62kwc0zy.jpg

 photo IMAG3117_zpsaxmbwsms.jpg

 photo IMAG3118_zps8biihkci.jpg

 photo IMAG3122_zpsga61g6ql.jpg

 photo IMAG3124_zps7gxpmc9u.jpg

I will continue my weekend journey to Macon, GA and the fall line / coastal plain pics in another post. Thanks!

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