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Message from Mike coastal CT

I feel ya...lol.

We are in the same ballpark...I'm 51, and find myself ALWAYS taking the easy way out - LOL. Just as you say, 50's are not old, my neighbor directly across the street is 94 years old. I give myself a pep-talk when I see him carry out is ladder, climb up 8 or 10 feet, and saw down a branch from a tree. Though he does move slow, he is out there cutting, and moving things in and out the garage all day.

Still, no matter how I try, there is still this person in my brain always trying to figure each task - with the least amount of work...and doing it in the best possible conditions - LOL. I HATE having to go out at 5:30 am in the cold and dark and cover something when I realize that a critical temp is fast approaching/or has been breached. You almost always do a worse job when you do things in a hurry it seems. When it's sunny and calm weather you take your time and move slow and do things right...and (as anyone in their 50's knows) you look for the moments to steal and just sit there and enjoy the sun.

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