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December pics around my north ATL burb

Message from Phil in Atlanta

Some Dec pics around my neighborhood. The warm December weather continues.

Been watching this palmetto in the next neighborhood for years.

 photo IMAG3743_zpsuwlzzvkg.jpg

Camellia japonica

 photo IMAG3744_zpswspf9gds.jpg

Fall color

 photo IMAG3749_zps8p8orpgs.jpg


 photo IMAG3753_zpsydbbu421.jpg

 photo IMAG3756_zpsyb3l9qen.jpg

Huge needle

 photo IMAG3757_zpsre2rqd4f.jpg

Soft Mahonia

 photo IMAG3758_zpsknj0a3v0.jpg

 photo IMAG3759_zpskyjrdrpq.jpg


 photo IMAG3760_zpsb01myjqf.jpg

 photo IMAG3763_zpsaozehbhx.jpg

 photo 1449079753108_zpsiaccwhrj.jpg

 photo 1449181480229_zpshaaqgkkf.jpg

 photo 1449604264417_zpsm7b575ps.jpg

 photo 1449604264629_zpswru2nqnu.jpg

 photo 1449604265332_zpsdanrazry.jpg

 photo 1449079752139_zpsdyxccz4n.jpg

 photo IMAG3720_zpscwekw5gr.jpg

 photo IMAG3724_zps4asb7hgy.jpg

Cherry trees blooming

 photo IMAG3726_zps4plenjbu.jpg

 photo IMAG3731_zpsmqjgwsgt.jpg

This camellia was sure a huge fatty; seemed to dwarf the house.

 photo IMAG3737_zpssbrishbd.jpg


 photo IMAG3738_zpsbp14h4ml.jpg


 photo IMAG3739_zpsugpe1gpw.jpg

Mix of warm and cool season flowers

 photo IMAG3773_zpsulqsumu4.jpg

 photo IMAG3776_zpsnn6fgt47.jpg

 photo IMAG3778_zpsqctizq6d.jpg

 photo IMAG3779_zpsg8zxxmhv.jpg

 photo IMAG3780_zpslhpnxnts.jpg

 photo IMAG3790_zpskrsp8u8p.jpg

 photo IMAG3791_zpsdohvzylg.jpg

 photo IMAG3797_zps4rrdmagp.jpg

December view from my office

 photo IMAG3822_zpsxp8wobcv.jpg

 photo IMAG3812_zpsie8gpgc0.jpg

 photo IMAG3813_zpssx5gzgrm.jpg

 photo IMAG3814_zpsz01hhxot.jpg

 photo IMAG3830_zps44qpnrbq.jpg

 photo IMAG3831_zpss2yz2ph6.jpg

 photo IMAG3832_zps5tdwr7f9.jpg

 photo IMAG3997_zpst1g2dy1e.jpg

 photo IMAG4009_zpssugq3ygp.jpg

 photo IMAG4011_zps2bkmapss.jpg

Everyone's favorite weather station.

 photo IMAG3854_zpsx2zdfj77.jpg

Yucca and canna blooms

 photo IMAG3858_zpsdfzyubmt.jpg

 photo IMAG3860_zpsg5cmbcd6.jpg

 photo IMAG3861_zpsl0rlw9o3.jpg

 photo IMAG4064_zpsxaxjhwkq.jpg

 photo IMAG4065_zpsmibyacjp.jpg

A few Dec pics in my yard.

Maypop Passion Fruit:

 photo 1448836614288_zpsf26pekhj.jpg

Purple hearts still blooming like its spring.

 photo 1449001601125_zpsa8jqce6e.jpg

Great BBQ evenings

 photo 1449001601681_zps4nxqujun.jpg

Backyard blooms

 photo IMAG4089_zpswqdmqaee.jpg

 photo IMAG4081_zpszwz2en6u.jpg

Sabal Mexicana

 photo IMAG4087_zpskh1mnnpt.jpg


 photo IMAG4085_zpsjbmynysn.jpg

 photo IMAG3925_zpsnrqdvurm.jpg

 photo IMAG3926_zps5xrzbagc.jpg

 photo IMAG3927_zpsq32pgf2n.jpg

Prof Seargent

 photo IMAG4084_zpswamo4kaa.jpg

Front yard

 photo IMAG3920_zpsunnn3hes.jpg

 photo IMAG3915_zpsohtdmn2m.jpg

 photo IMAG3962_zpsjfarek5g.jpg

Thanks, Phil

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