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Re: If forecast holds, will be having a 9B DECEMBER !!!

Message from Jim Wilmington DE 7a

> I was thinking 9b sure sounds like FL, but gee, it doesn't quite feel "that" warm. <

Yes. We're having a PNW 9b experience! This really is how I imagine our friends in British Columbia and coastal WA & OR have it this time of year -- minus the rainfall, of course. Days in the 50s/low 60s, and nights around 30 to 35F.

As for actual low so far, here, it's been 28F twice. Back in November and in December. That has been enough to terminate the growing season for the more tender plants, but many (and I mean many) things are still moving along. Roses, in particular, are going gangbusters and blooming all throughout this period. And not just Knockout Roses, but other more standard varieties, too.

I generally maintain that the real "kill off" temperature is 27F, so, that is kind of playing out in my area. The 28Fs we've had were oh so close to stopping the plants, but were probably just a degree or two off.

Gotta love 9b!

If we're still at 9b -- or even 8b -- come March 15th, then we can truly celebrate and have a message board party.

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