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Some bay area news and insights...

Message from Stan Hayward CA

Its been chilly this week up and down the state. It always gets me that when December and January roll around San Francisco often has warmer nights then Los Angeles. Not by a lot,but any is more then what anybody would think.
You know what I notice about SF? As street tree's go down here and there,I'm seeing many King palms in the sidewalk cutouts replacing them. One street lined with small shops had a row of them- very Los Angeles looking. Those King palms seem to thrive in the high cool humidity. A few had more fronds then mine that I baby all summer.
Also I see that some of the larger tender Xeric plants that you see in soucal are also being dropped in here and there. Nobody worried a about a hard freeze- ever.

Anyways..that storm door is being pried open for the bay area by the weekend. They said all next week will be heavy rains,light rains, more rains. That sounds storm door to me.

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