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Re: lithocarpus

Message from George in Bandon Oregon

does just fine, thank you kindly---as long as it gets summer water. my brother's tree in salem, Oregon can have leaves up to a foot long and produced seed this year. it's in a lawn growing with michelia/magnolia compressa, persea/machilus thunbergii, and (until it got cut down after snow damage) quercus rhysophylla. for that matter, magnolia grandifolia and m. virginiana among other trees from similar areas also do quite well IF they get summer water. FWIW, even in the cooler but still very summer dry coastal areas like where I live most of these trees do better with summer water at least the first few years after planting and prefer deep soils and partial/afternoon shade (if they are not in an irrigated lawn situation) to do their best.

lithocaprus (now "notholithocarpus") densiflorus could probably grow o.k. (once established) in warm summer interior areas like the Willamette and rogue valleys without summer water but it would probably also do quite nicely in an irrigated lawn situation---with good drainage.

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