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A first for me :

Message from WSimpson NC

Well , of course it's a first because this is the first year my palmettos have flowered . I noticed a squirrel eating my Sabal palmetto seeds . One inflorescence was smaller than the other two and the seed was close to the trunk . The squirrel was chowing down on them . The picture below shows the squirrel as he headed down to the bottom of the trunk because my dog saw it and it was getting a little nervous .
I've never seen a squirrel eating any Trachy , Chammy , Minor , Louisiana seed before either , but they are pretty sneaky . Maybe squirrels are why I see so many Minor seedlings around , and far from the mother plant ?

In this picture you can see my dogs tail in the bottom right of the picture as he chased it off :

I wonder if these Palmetto seeds will mature . They are still green when all the other seed on other Sabal varieties are black . That little inflorescence , and the seed that the squirrel was eating , is in the bottom left of the picture . I wonder if that squirrel will be naturalizing Sabal palmettos around the neighborhood ? :

Louisiana seed :

The plant :

Trachy seed , which is a Taylor Form fertilized by a Nainital :

My Birmingham that put out 7 fronds this season . I think it will flower this spring :

Thanks for looking .

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