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I got cheated lol

Message from Tom in Philadelphia

I've heard that North America has more active fronts than any other continent. Not sure if that is true. But I wonder if that is true, if that is the reason deep troughs can form in winter crossing America, and behind them suck down really cold air right across the pole from Siberia?

One giant ocean between the US and the North Pole and I can only imagine what the our winter landscape would look like. I imagine something like with the averages of Charleston, SC, but with a zone 9b climate. There are quite a few places in the world at my latitude with zone 9 or even 10A like southern Italy, Spain, Argentina. The Arctic air would have no punch by the time it got to us if Canada were just a huge northern ocean. Charleston would probably have big Royal Palms. Probably never have frost.

I feel I got cheated living at 40 lat in North America. It is a decently low latitude, and yet I can't grow anything like people in Naples, Italy or Viedma, Argentina. Heck, our winter landscape probably looks closer to somewhere in Canada than either of those places at my same latitude. I would trade away some of the heat we get in summer for more warmth in winter any day of the week and twice on Sunday lol.

Viedma, AR


Naples, IT


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